Welcome to my blog! Feel free to call me Mary. I love art, monsters, elves and good stories.

So i decided to redesign the outfits of the companions (and Wardens) in DA:O.. Give them something a bit more unique, or in certain cases, just something a bit more practical or pretty. When i finish this project, I’ll explain why I did what I did for each character. This is my “first” time doing character design, or trying to at least, and it’s still in the early stages, since I’m planning to do a digital illustration with everyone in it. If you have any critics or comments, feel free to share them with me! I appreciate it!

Ok, from left to right: Elaine Cousland, Nyreen Mahariel and Alistair; Wynne, Sten and Morrigan; Zevran, Leliana and Oghren. The last two are just for fun, I figured i could have fun giving Alistair and Nyreen fancy outfits to wear after the Blight was over.
Elaine isn’t mine, she belongs to Croissant.

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