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Please don’t reblog this yet, I’m just looking for your feedback so I can make this as understandable and easy to read as possible!
So I’m finally on my way to taking commissions! :D Took me long enough, but I could really use the money.
OK, I hope this is not too confusing.. basically, you can mix match the “categories”, like asking for a shaded sketch portrait, for example. That would be the base price, 10 euros, plus the shaded category, which is 10 euros as well. The total would be a 20 euros commission! :D
I’m still figuring out my paypal details, but I thought I’d post this already so I can get some feedback from you guys. 
I’ll also be opening 3 slots each time, and it’s first come first serve. If you want to fill in a slot, send me a message here on tumblr and I’ll add you to the list! I will then give you my email so you can send me the details of what you want (and any references I might need), and I’ll start sketching!
Since I don’t have paypal up and running yet, I’m not opening up those slots until it’s all settled. Which should be by next sunday/monday.
Thank you so much for looking, and please if you have any questions, just ask me, and I’ll do my best to answer :D

  • Track Name

    Baby mine

  • Album

    Fan cover

  • Artist

    Serpent's Shipmate

I was taking a little break and rediscovered this cover I did a long time ago. And since i like this song so much, and it didn’t come out that bad, why not share my version with you? Once again, it’s far from perfect, just something I did for fun. I honestly hope you like it :D
The instrumental can be find here.

There is nothing quite as glorious as waking up and finding out people are enjoying your doodles~ Thank you so much guys, everytime i go through my drawing’s tags i get the biggest smile on my face!!

(On a side note, I supposedly had 3 messages, but I only got one. If any of you sent me anything and I didn’t reply, then tumblr ate your message.)

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL, every single one of you, for everything :D I’m very happy! And I might do another giveaway soon! Because you guys deserve it!

uastis replied to your post “uastis replied to your post “So I was browsing through some old files…”

It depends on the company. If he’s with people he trusts, he’ll drink until he gets all kissy face with Fenris. Which makes poor Fenris blush and giggle. But mostly blush. He needs quite a few though, he doesn’t get drunk easily because of magic. ^_^

XD looks like he’s the total opposite of my Hawke then. She refuses to drink anything, since she knows how easily she gets drunk XD And she has a reputation to keep, after all.
(Somehow, I’m sure your Hawke and mine would get along quite well!)

So I was working on a portrait of a very VERY old character of mine, and I remember he changed quite a bit over the years… so I went to check one of my oldest drawings of him… and man, am I glad he changed XD
Meet Thaliorn, a grumpy, presumptuous asshole, who generally thinks he’s above everyone and has serious trust issues. A pleasant guy, overall :D
Thank you for looking!!!

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