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autumn reflections by david clapp in england’s lake district national park; maurizio biancarelli of proscansko lake in croatia’s plitvice national park; and agustin rafael reyes of onuma pond in japan’s towada hachimantai national park

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I am so scared right now

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Water Colors | Source

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this is clearly my crowning achievement in 3DS Max [x]


this is clearly my crowning achievement in 3DS Max [x]

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Headcanon that the first thing Fenris went out of his way to learn to write properly was Hawke’s name.

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“I am yours,” Fenris murmured. Those words did not seem enough, but they were honest and they were all that he had.

“No,” Marian answered softly. “You are your own.” She reached towards him and he took her hand, pressing it gently to his chest.

“Allow me to correct myself then,” he said with a smile. “My heart is yours.”

Marian said nothing. She closed her eyes and leaned forward until her forehead touched his. And for the first time in his life Fenris felt at peace. He felt free.

Tadaaaaaaa!! It’s finally finished! I really shouldn’t have spent so much time working on this, but let’s say it was a belated birthday gift for myself XD

I just really needed to draw these two idiots together again. It got a bit out of hand, but I’m really proud with the result! I hope you like it as well!!

(That little paragraph is part of a short thing I tried to write a few months ago! If you feel like it, you can check it out here. Huge thanks to elfgirl931 again, for helping me out with it!!)

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okay but:

orzammar dwarves noticing the leaves slowly blanketing the ground, red and orange and gold and brown, and finding the most infectious pleasure in crunching them as they travel

qunari who’ve lived mostly in par vollen experiencing their first autumns, grumbling…

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The exact moment I fell in love with Anders

those hands on the hips though
"well fuck i-… hmm well…oh dear…"

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Anonymous said:
so why do you care about animals so much? why do you put so much of your life and your resources towards helping them? they'll die eventually anyways--what's your stake in it?
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